EduCareDo is an international anthroposophic initiative offering a self awakening distance education course in the foundations of anthroposophy. It evolved in response to the needs of many people searching for new possibilities to develop capacities in freedom, on the path of self knowledge.


EduCareDo was established by Erwin Berney, one of the founders of Parsifal College / Sydney Rudolf Steiner College. The work continues to be carried and co-ordinated by a community of volunteers.

Self Directed Learning

EduCareDo has become well known around the world as a foundation year in anthroposophy. The 26 lessons are sent to students fortnightly over 12 months. The lessons are clearly written and illustrated, with experiments, exercises and activities, and include basic meditative work. The course provides students of anthroposophy, health practitioners, teachers, student teachers, parents and other interested people, with a simple language approach to understanding the principles and practice of anthroposophy in the areas of health, education, farming and other subjects.

Individuals can choose to send in summaries and examples of their study for feedback. A Certificate of Completion or a Teacher Certificate of Completion is available to those who complete the requirements.

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