EduCareDo Course

EduCareDo offers a year-long course in the foundations of Anthroposophy - Spiritual Science.


EduCareDo is a well established anthroposophical initiative with many students around the world. It offers 26 lessons in a distance education mode, which are sent out by email or posted out over the year. The lessons are clearly written and illustrated, with experiments, exercises and other activities including basic meditative work. It is self-directed learning with the opportunity for contact with a tutor. Each lesson asks the student to summarise the lesson in conversation with a friend, study group or in writing, create an artistic expression and maintain a diary of 4 questions:

  1. What was really new to me in this lesson?
  2. What did I find most important and closest to my heart in this lesson?
  3. What can I do, what will I do with this finding? (Even if it is only a seemingly small deed.)
  4. What have I done? And what am I in the process of doing?

Certificate of Completion

If students wish to complete the general certificate of completion, they are required to submit:

1. A completed diary sheet from the end of each of the 26 lessons.


2. Two artistic expressions; one from the first half of the year (Lessons 1 - 14), and one from the second (Lessons 15 - 26). Artistic expressions include such things as poetry, painting, sculpture, musical pieces or dramatic performances. Copies can be submitted to EduCareDo as a photocopy, photograph or video of the original.


Confidential constructive feedback is given for these submissions by an EduCareDo tutor.

Former students have used this certificate, for example, to support their application to work in anthroposophical initiatives. 


A Teacher Certificate of Completion has been introduced in 2017 to support Waldorf Schools complement their in-house training. For more information click here.


Students are free to communicate with the tutor throughout their study to support a greater understanding of the course content. Communication with the tutor is confidential, and questions and comments are welcome.


Students can work at their own pace to complete the course within the 12 months the lessons are sent, or anytime in the future. There are no deadlines or penalties for taking longer to complete the course.