Foundation Course in Anthroposophy

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EduCareDo offers a self-directed study course based on the principle ideas of Rudolf Steiner, which he called Anthroposophy. Readings, experiments, exercises and activities, including the basic exercises towards inner development and meditation, comprise the  26 lessons, which are sent fortnightly over 12 months.


The course provides a sequential, clear and practical approach to understanding and applying the principles of anthroposophy into many disciplines in life. Health practitioners, social workers, teachers, parents, farmers, gardeners, artists, tradepersons, administrators and scientists work with and refer back to the EduCareDo lessons and community for many years.


EduCareDo functions as a growing community, to enliven and support one another in our individual tasks. The course fees collected by EduCareDo are re-invested into projects around the world.

Anthroposophy for Prisoners - Prison Outreach Program of North America
Gamot Cogon School, The Phillipines
Rudolf Steiner

Rudolf Steiner [1861-1925]

The Austrian scientist, educator, artist, philosopher and spiritual researcher developed a modern path of knowledge named Anthroposophy or the Wisdom of the Human Being. Click here for more...

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