About EduCareDo

EduCareDo is an international anthroposophic initiative offering a self awakening distance education course in the foundations of anthroposophy. It evolved in response to the needs of many people searching for new possibilities to develop capacities in freedom, on the path of self knowledge.


EduCareDo was established by Erwin Berney, one of the founders of Parsifal College / Sydney Rudolf Steiner College. Erwin's enquiring mind and commitment to the path of inner development and new community has given a firm foundation for the volunteers who continue to carry and co-ordinate the entire program.


Since 2002 more than 1600 people from over 30 countries have studied the EduCareDo lessons. In 2017 the interest from teacher and farmer training courses has led to partnership in communities around the world, growing a new community where individuals are standing in their task and contributing to world development.


We welcome enquires about how we can work together.