Sponsor a Student

Sponsoring a student means to pay for the course on their behalf.  A sponsorship can be given to someone you nominate so that they can be enrolled now and start studying.  EduCareDo could otherwise help match up your sponsorship to people who enquire about financial support. The funds received by EduCareDo go towards enrolments in disadvantaged communities, as well as funding the Y Project.


The lessons help people from all walks of life deepen their relationship with humankind.


Enquiries are welcome by phone or email. Click here to contact us.


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Donate or sponsor through a checkout secured by Paypal.


Click on a "Buy Now" option on the right then look in the "Shopping Cart". This will open the "check out" page. Multiply the donation in quantities of $5 to come to the total amount to be processed through the check-out. Sponsorship amounts will vary depending on course fee category which can be found on the fees and enrolment page.


Bank deposits can be made to EduCareDo Ltd, Southern Cross Credit Union Australia   BSB 722 744    ACC 152 097 (Please email or phone EduCareDo to advise of the transfer).


EduCareDo Ltd is a not-for-profit company registered with and accountable to the Australian Securities and Investments Commission.

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