EduCareDo currently has one course - The EduCareDo Foundation Year in Anthroposophy.   It’s possible to complete the course without having to submit assessments to receive a certificate.  However, there is the option of sending in your work to the EduCareDo tutors for feedback and acknowledgement of the completion of the certificate requirements. There are two certificates available at this time - The Foundation Certificate and the Teacher’s Certificate.  There is no extra fee for working toward and receiving either certificate.

Foundation Certificate

Teacher's Certificate

1. Diary Sheets  Complete a  diary sheet for each of the 26 lessons. They are at the end of the lessons and serve as a template for the lesson summary. The student is asked to review:
1.What was really new to me in this lesson?
2.What did I find most important and closest to my heart in this lesson?
3.What can I do, what will I do with this finding? (Even if it is only a seemingly small deed.)
4.What have I done? And what am I in the process of doing?

The diary sheets are sent to EduCareDo after completing Lesson 1 - 7, and then after Lessons 8 - 14, 15 - 20, and 21 - 26.

2. Artistic Expressions Two artistic expressions; one from the first half of the year (Lessons 1 - 14), and one from the second (Lessons 15 - 26). Artistic expressions include such things as poetry, painting, sculpture, musical pieces or dramatic performances. Copies can be submitted to EduCareDo as a photocopy, photograph or video of the original.

 Confidential constructive feedback by an EduCareDo tutor is given for these submissions.

 Former students have used this certificate, for example, to support their application to work in anthroposophical initiatives.


Milkwood Steiner School Darwin Class 5_6 2010


The EduCareDo Teacher’s Certificate is for educators to develop areas of interest into which they can deepen anthroposophy within their teaching and to build relations with other teachers. It is being used by some Waldorf Schools to complement in-house teacher training as well as by individual teachers who want to apply the principles of anthroposophy to their teaching experience.

To receive the Teacher's Certificate, students complete the Foundation Course including the requirements of the Foundation Certificate plus additional mentoring and study within the education sector as set out below.


3. Written Tasks  Submit four, 750 – 1,000-word essays on topics chosen from within each of the groups of lessons  (i.e. four written tasks – one topic from each group of lessons). Further interest in the topics is extended by supplemental reading and by thinking about the effects the topics have on teaching.


4. Mentor Diary Sheets are used to make notes on the reflections and questions discussed with a mentor. There is one topic selected from within each of the sets of lessons i.e., one topic is chosen from Lessons 1 -7, and another from 8-14, etc.

Working with mentors and recording meetings on the Mentor Diary Sheets.  Mentor relationships are formed with teachers within the Waldorf teaching community or another person working from the impulse of anthroposophy who is willing to support the engagement with a topic that you wish to explore more fully.

 There are different options to fulfil the mentoring relationship requirement:

  1. Work within a study group. A question can be brought to a study group and the question and discussion are noted on the mentoring diary sheet at that time and signed off.
  2. Having more than one mentor. Questions can be brought to different class teachers who are working with the subject pertaining to the EduCareDo lesson with which you are working.
  3. Or, someone who has a background in anthroposophy can be approached for mentoring conversations.

Along with the  Diary Sheets from each lesson, the  four Written Tasks and the four Mentor Diary Sheets are submitted to EduCareDo after:

    • Lesson   7 (Lessons 1 - 7)
    • Lesson 14 (Lessons 8 - 14)
    • Lesson 20 (Lessons 15 - 20)
    • Lesson 26 (Lessons 21 - 26)

5.Further Study/Professional Development Students fulfil 25 hours towards professional development over the length of the course. Attending anthroposophical themed courses, lectures or conferences, or participating in study groups or online forums meets this requirement.

Click here for the Mentor Diary Sheets and the Completion of Professional Development form 

An EduCareDo tutor assesses the diary sheets and essays and provides you with feedback and thought-provoking questions to enhance the learning experience. The submissions are not graded and are held in confidence between you and the tutor.