Studying With or Contributing To EduCareDo

Anyone can enrol and study with EduCareDo. There is one course but a variety of ways to study. It is designed to be accessible to start at anytime of the year and take as long as required; it's an individual journey.


Each person that enrols works at their own pace, completing the  lessons and submitting them for feedback and a certificate.

Study On Your Own

For those not near a study group or part of a sister course

Many people study on their own. They receive the lessons, enjoy the experiments and exercises and use the course for personal and professional development. Any questions along the way can be asked by emailing A tutor will provide feedback on all the lesson summaries /assignments that are submitted. Then at the end a certificate of completion is issued. Enrolment can be made on this website and the first lesson will reach your email box in the same hour. Phone, postal and email enrolments are also welcome. Individual enrolments are $450. For members of anthroposophical initiatives this fee is reduced to $400. Click here to enrol online now. Click here to email us to enquire or enrol.

Study With A Group

A self managed group of people enrolled with EduCareDo and meeting to share resources and conversation. Study Groups help a community to develop, maintain and carry a strong anthroposophical foundation into their work.

EduCareDo study groups are forming around the world all the time. Every study group is co-ordinated by the group itself. All the members of the group are enrolled with EduCareDo and have an individual connection in the same was as studying on your own, but with the advantage of conversations, sharing resources and motivation from being part of a group.  A study group co-ordinator liaises with EduCareDo  for advice and support in advertising and facilitating the group. Schools and organisations find that it supports the foundation of anthroposophy build in their community.  Contact us to find a study group or form a new group. If there are more than six new members the course fee is reduced from $450 to 350 each.


Biodynamics America Farmers Course

A course for Farmers and Gardeners in America

EduCareDo has partnered with Biodynamics America (BDA) so that their already extensive education program now also includes the full  EduCareDo Foundation Year in Anthroposophy. Enrolments are only available for members of BDA enrolled in their course and taken directly through them. Students have the same access to EduCareDo tutors as any other student enrolled with EduCareDo. Click here to find out more about the BDA program

Prison Outreach Program

Part of the Anthroposophy for Prisoners Program in North America

EduCareDo supports the 'Anthroposophy for Prisoners' programme in the USA by donating the lessons free-of-charge to people within the prison system.  Click here to find out more and share it with anyone you know who may be in the system.

Donate or Sponsor a Student

EduCareDo has a small scholarship fund left by the Berney Foundation. We welcome donations or sponsorship of students. To enquire about how to do this please contact us or go the donate page.

Join a Workshop

One day workshops open to anyone

Attending a one day workshop with EduCareDo brings to life and extends the lessons. It is open to anyone and helps bring a wider group of people together in your community. Click here for more information.

Enquiries, enrolments and feedback are most welcome.

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