EduCareDo offers free workshops to support continuing education and collaboration with communities studying anthroposophy with EduCareDo.


The one-day workshops are based around lesson themes and delivered by professionals who apply anthroposophy to their life's task. The lesson content is brought to life and extended in a way that the participants can deepen their relationship to anthroposophy and recognise its relevance in their work and personal life. The workshops can benefit communities to establish and maintain the practical integration of anthroposophy in Steiner / Waldorf Schools, Bio-dynamic agriculture groups and Health and Therapeutic Communities.


EduCareDo will provide a facilitator and collaborate with the community to make each workshop an accessible and worthwhile event. Those who are presently enrolled or who have been enrolled in the past with EduCareDo participate for free. A fee is charged for all others wishing to join the workshop.

A Guide to Workshop Outlines

The content of each workshop is dependant upon the needs of the participants. Below is a general outline.


Care and Development of the Twelve Human Senses

How the senses develop in the first twenty-one years of life. How to support their healthy development, recognise violations and help harmonise their activity with external applications.


Understanding the Three-Fold Human Being

This workshop brings the understanding of the three-fold human being into the context of pedagogical applications, child development and human relationships. We learn to apply this knowledge to observe the one-sided patterns that cause imbalances and the archetypal therapeutic interventions that help regain health.


Identifying Temperaments

Learning how the temperament can be observed in each individual and the different capacities a temperament brings to the constitution. We deepen the understanding of the four bodily sheaths and consider the relationship of food, addictions and behaviour to the temperaments.


Aligning With The Words We Speak

A practical approach to speech and storytelling. We’ll work to understand these faculties more deeply through the experience of speaking; including foundational speech exercises, verses and discussion.


Understanding Biography

We take a look at patterns in the cosmic movement of planets that relate to the seven-year cycles in life. We consider the capacities and developmental milestones that can be revealed in mapping the biography.