EduCareDo was established by Erwin Berney in 2002 as a not for profit company to provide affordable self-directed education in anthroposophy. It continues to grow and be held by a community of volunteers who do so alongside their individual tasks in the world. All profits from EduCareDo lessons are donated to individuals and communities where the support will serve the evolution of consciousness.

The people who came together to write EduCareDo lessons had a knowledge and understanding of anthroposophy which took years to develop through their own independent study and personal development. The resulting course is a gift to anyone wanting to explore the depth of anthroposophy.


The cost of the EduCareDo course is deliberately kept low to benefit many people. Whenever possible, EduCareDo offers full or partial bursary placements to students who would otherwise be unable to pay the course fees. Some former students have chosen to contribute to bursary assistance for new students stemming from appreciation of the course  and how it enriched their lives.

Donations to EduCareDo directly support bursaries and other anthroposophical initiatives.

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EduCareDo supports many individuals and anthroposophical initiatives around the world. These are a few of the past and current beneficiaries.

Y Project

The Y Project is a new initiative based in NSW  Australia that supports the bridging of young people into healthy community life.

EduCareDo supports the 'Anthroposophy for Prisioners' programme in the USA by donating the lessons free-of-charge to those in prison facilities, with our friends in the Anthroposophical Society of North America.

Action Eliant

The Alliance Eliant project - a European umbrella of organisations that represent the various initiatives of Rudolf Steiner’s applied anthroposophy – in the areas of agriculture and nutrition, medicine and health care, education, therapeutic pedagogy, and social therapy.


EduCareDo made a donation to the Lili Kolisko Institute for Anthroposophic Medicine; a tax exempt, non-profit, charitable organisation dedicated to promoting an anthroposophically oriented healthcare and life style, through research, educational activities and social community involvements. Formerly the True Botanica Foundation.

EduCareDo supports individual students through full and part bursary placements, when requested. In June 2015 we enrolled the whole teaching faculty of the Gamot Cogon Rudolf Steiner School in the Philippines. Twenty-four teachers are now enriching their knowledge in a faculty study group with EduCareDo lessons.