Feedback from Students

Students share their experience of EduCareDo

“The many gems of wisdom contained in every lesson have deepend my understanding and have given me greater confidence in the body of knowledge that informs my teaching. I have very much enjoyed my first year of study, and in looking back, I realise what a wealth of wisdom is contained in the twenty-six lessons. I particularly appreciated the masterful ‘rounding off’ achieved in the last lesson." - Wendy Hyland, practising Waldorf teacher


The guidance you provide in the lessons, to be able to incorporate the teachings into my everyday life, has been a highlight for me". - Christine Hawkins

We meet fortnightly to study the lessons together and discuss our thoughts and experiences as we progress through each topic. The lessons meet our group’s diverse understanding of anthroposophy by providing thought-provoking questions, practical exercises and clear explanations of Rudolf Steiner’s work...We are grateful for this initiative and cannot speak highly enough about the format, content and presentation of the lessons.”- Ruth Underwood,   Orana Steiner School Study group of teachers, trainee teachers and administrative staff.


I enjoy savouring of these contents. I experience the light that you have sent into the sleeping giants of Steiner’s old lectures and the resplendence that has arisen from their awakening.” - David Tresemer, writer and teacher of Anthroposophy.

Clear and concise lessons clarifying many ideas and issues and introducing new ideas, I am still struggling to understand. Well planned and arranged to encourage maximum understanding. Everything is highly relevant to my life. I am thoroughly enjoying it". - Bronwyn Bellemore

Bronwyn says she did the course “to help understand who we are, why we are, where are we going – what is it all about?” and the benefits have been in "expanding and deepening my understanding of Steiner’s philosophy and myself. Making me more accountable to myself with the three monthly checks. Helping my awareness of myself, my life, the world, and other people. Making my life and work more creative.

Bronwyn recommends the course to “Steiner school parents and teachers. Everyone on a journey of self discovery and/or world discovery.


Barbara Baldwin, teacher and practitioner of Chirophonetic Therapy says:

Many thanks for the marvellous gift of EduCareDo and the offshoot of Lisa Romero's course. I am encouraging my students to do both as an adjunct to the Chirophonetic Therapy training, to help them to get a better overview of anthroposophic themes, as well as to deepen the work we do on our courses. Your work is an invaluable resource.”

The lessons of the EduCareDo course are the most all embracing, revealing and yet practical that I have ever come across. Each lesson was POWERFUL". She enjoyed the explanations about “the endless connections and relationships between all things. How everything is tied into the Oneness; the artistic and beautiful feeling permeating the real human experience is heart warming.” - Tracy Field remedial teacher

Pirkko Monds a Preschool Teacher and Director, writes after the Lessons on the Development and Care of the 12 Senses, what she has found most important and closest to her heart:
"The fact that I work with 3 to 5 year olds, makes me once more to think of the absolute importance of the will forces and the lower senses of touch, life, movement and balance. By concentrating on these senses we will ultimately develop well rounded people with a strong sense of 'humanity'. I will attempt to put what I have learned into practice in my program at Preschool..."

The Universe has shared its wisdom with me
For me to share with God's children
I know in my heart from God's wisdom filled stare
The track I should take with the children.
Now I need only to open my heart
And be ready and wait for His lead
With all the ideas that are coming to me
Be patient and wait, they will seed.
Look at 'touch' how important it is to a child
And 'movement' brings awareness to Life
And 'balance' is vital to learn for a child
And 'well-being' a God-given right.
'Warmth' is felt by a child from the moment of birth
'Smell', 'taste' and 'hearing' in its right place
The comforting words from parents they come
As language develops, unique to each race.
The Spirit, the 'I', the God-Within
Is seen through the eyes of the child
The laughter, the joy, the tears and the dreams
Manifest, as twelve senses develop inside.

By Pirkko Monds


Vivien Jolliffe, a Remedial Teacher, writes:
This is a spiritual but highly practical course...The main benefit for me has been the insights into child development. Wonderful ... Primarily it gives us greater understanding of children and their needs and also to help us understand and care for each other ... The course helps to instill a desire to serve humanity, and incubate interest and understanding.”
Vivien would recommend EduCareDo to “teachers of course, and to anyone who is interested in lifeEvery teacher should do the course, but anyone who has an open mind would be interested and fascinated by your findings. Nutrition is in the forefront of everyone’s thinking and so is health."
She writes that the highlight was “the connection between the spirit of man and the eternal, and it has helped me with my search for the meaning and purpose of life".She was encouraged by “the awareness that I can still get down to studying and enjoy it, and the material you have presented is both interesting and stimulating".