Richard Turner

Richard has been engaged in anthroposophy since 1992 and has been a mentor for people as they deepen their understanding of anthroposophy. He completed the Parsifal Orientation Course and Teacher Training, holds a Diploma of Education, a Bachelor of Honours in European Studies and a Master of Arts in Counselling and Philosophy.


Antony Mecca

Anthony began farming 12 years ago, in search of a place to wonder, explore, and serve. In farming, he found hot sun, hard physical work, and community to be potent medicine. After five years learning from a diversity of farms, Anthony was called to the Hudson Valley of New York to begin Great Song Farm in 2010. Here he found his kin and began deepening his work with biodynamic farming, anthroposophy, inner work, and community life. Fostering direct and meaningful relationships between nature, agriculture, and community is central to his work. Anthony brings experiences as a student, WWOOFer, apprentice, farm-worker, farmer, and mentor to his work coordinating Farmer Training at the BDA. He also enjoys cooking, reading, and sitting quietly in the grass with the cows.



James Deefholts

James Deefholts is a Waldorf class teacher and an adult educator in child development. He holds a Bachelor of Education and completed his Waldorf teacher training at Parsifal College in Sydney. James has been teaching since 2005 and is currently completing his second class teacher period from Grade 1. He has served as the Chair of College at Chrysalis Steiner School for the past four years as well as being a long-standing board member. James works in collaboration with Lisa Romero to provide professional development to teachers in the area of working with social understanding, gender, and sexuality for young people.


Melanie Deefholts

Melanie’s studies in anthroposophy started with EduCareDo and the complementary workshop series Towards Health and Healing. This extended into the commitment to inner work path instructions within anthroposophy, which has been the source of ongoing development as she raises her four children in Waldorf Schools. She now works as an adult educator offering practical applications of child development to understand babies and children in daily life with the insight of anthroposophy. Melanie works collegially with Waldorf school staff and as part of Developing the Self Developing the World, and in private consultation with individuals.


Lisa Romero

Since 1996 Lisa has been providing teacher professional development for all grades; from Kindergarten to Class 12. She works extensively with many schools and professional development programs around the world. Lisa contributed to the EduCareDo lessons including male/female spirituality and nutrition. For more information about Lisa's work go to www.innerworkpath.com